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If you are in it for the sports, then you’ll need the best set of angling rods available. It is easy to get these rods from shopping centres all over the country. You can even have them delivered right at your front door through online shopping. There is a wide selection to choose from so here are our favourites.

Temple Forks Outfitters Clouser Fly Rod

If you want something balanced and sturdy, this one is the rod for you. This is a 9-foot 9-weight delicately-tapered fly rod. This is an ideal rod for both beginners and experienced anglers. You’ll get the best results if you partner it up with Redington’s Behemoth Fly Reel.

Tsunami Airwave Elite

If you want a rod that can take quite the beating, the Tsunami Airwave Elite is the right choice. Partner it up with the Shimano Baitrunner D Series reel and you’ll be able to easily pitch live bait, but control will be lightweight and streamlined so you can toss lures easily.

Don’t let its durability fool you. The Tsunami Airwave Elite is as light as they get. When it comes to durability and lightweight, you’ll never go wrong with this one.

UglyStike Elite Spinning Rod

Now, this rod is highly durable and the best thing about it is its price. At only €45 or a little more if you want some upgrades, the UglyStike Elite Spinning rod is an excellent choice.

Out of the three, we highly recommend the Tsunami Airwave Elite.