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About Us

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Kylemore Fishery is more than just an online blog where people can read engaging and exciting content about the sports of fishing better known as angling. But, before we move forward with how Kylemore became number 1, here’s the not so inspiring but awesome story how we started.

Leo Went Fishing

Leo Wiggins, the man who started it all was working as a mechanical engineer back in 2011. During the weekend, he would go straight to the lake nearby and go fishing with his family. Fishing was not that big back at Leo’s hometown but that was about to change one sunny afternoon.

Back in July 2011, Leo went fishing on his own and he happened to meet a couple of residents roaming around. To his surprise, he saw a crowd of people watching him as he fish and put on bait.

He then approached the gentlemen and asked if they wanted to give it a try. The next weekend, they were back for more and some of them even had their fishing rods with them.

Leo Taught Fishing

Leo himself was not great at fishing but he understood how to do it. He then found himself teaching a group of aspiring fishermen. Every weekend after that, Leo’s class became bigger so, he decided to simplify his teaching methods. Enter the Kylemore Fishery blog.

Kylemore Fishery Blog

The Kylemore Fishery blog was created back in January 2012. Leo asked professional web developers to set up the blog and teach him how to post entries. The blog slowly but surely gathered regular readers.

By April 2012, there was already 900 regular readers and that would grow to more than 15,000 by 2018. The blog attracted angling organizations and companies. Leo was then invited to be a special guest at angling competitions all over Ireland.

The Kylemore Fishery Blog today

The Kylemore Fishery blog today is not merely for entertainment but education as well. We publish content that teaches and informs aspiring anglers wanting to enter the sport or just simply learn how to fish.

We also provide fishing lessons of our own for people of all ages starting from age 12 onwards. We offer these lessons for free and all they have to do is attend our regular fishing sessions every weekend.